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Category Archives: 2015 – The Blogs Continue

Enhanced Range of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods Now Available

Enhanced Range of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods Now Available

The range of Shapal Hi-M Soft Rods available from Precision Ceramics has been enhanced to include 60mm, 70mm and 80mm diameters. In standard lengths of 100mm, 150mm and 300mm, the new items have been added to the Precision Ceramics online shop and are now available for immediate despatch from stock. Precision Ceramics are experts in… Continue Reading

PC People On The Piste

PC People On The Piste

For seven days at the start of February, four people from Precision Ceramics HQ in Birmingham took teambuilding to a whole new level as they travelled to Andorra to venture onto the snowy slopes of the Pyrenean Mountains for a week’s skiing. One of the most popular resorts in Europe, the small landlocked Principality of… Continue Reading

Green Machining

Green Machining of Technical Ceramics - The More Economical Route

The machining of technical ceramics in an unfired state is called, quite simply, ‘green machining’ and in the case of some of the hardest ceramics, it is a far more economical route to take than post machining after firing. In a typical process, a technical ceramic in powder form is mixed with an organic binder… Continue Reading

PC & The Environment

Precision Ceramics & The Environment - Our Personal Quest Continues

Harnessing energy from the sun, the wind and the waves and tide holds greater and greater promise for the United Kingdom’s clean energy future. Nowadays, everywhere you look, the roofs of office blocks, factory buildings and domestic properties have taken on a completely new look with the installation of solar panels. In our countryside and… Continue Reading

The Perfect Tip Seal

The Perfect Tip - The use of Ceramic Seals in Rotary Engines

It’s 85 years since German Engineer Felix Wankel (right) first patented his design for a rotary engine. Development began in the 1950’s and by 1957 a working prototype had been built. NSU Motorenwerke AG, the well-established German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and pedal cycles and more commonly known simply as NSU, subsequently licensed the design… Continue Reading

Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic – Providing The Freedom To Design

Building on Corning’s 160 years of innovation, Macor machinable glass ceramic is a solid, trusted foundation that can help you realize your designs quicker. Its unique combination of properties makes it an easily machinable, versatile, and high performing material even in harsh operating environments where precision is a necessity. Macor reduces fabrication times and is… Continue Reading

Technical Ceramics Reach Their Final Destination In Outer Space

After more than a decade in space and four years orbiting Mercury, NASA’s Messenger Mission ended in spectacular fashion on Friday 24th April when the spacecraft reached the planet’s surface. Messenger arrived at Mercury in 2011 and then far exceeded its primary mission plan of one year in orbit. The custom made ceramic components designed… Continue Reading

Precision Ceramics Team In Fundraising Initiative For Local Baby Hospice

There’s nothing like a game of table football to get the blood pumping. But when the ‘table’ is swapped for a life-sized version and the plastic players are substituted for real ones, the challenge becomes a lot greater! And in a recent fundraising event for a local baby hospice, a team from Precision Ceramics not… Continue Reading

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